Custom Urban Salvaged Wood Residential Dining Table Tops and Conference Tables

High Quality Live Edge Dining Tables & Table Tops from Urban Rescued Slabs of Black Walnut, Oak, Ash, & Maple

We specialize in quality live edge and wide plank solid wood dining, coffee, console & conference room tables and tops. Our solid wood tables, counter, desk, kitchen island and bar tops are handcrafted and fabricated at our Chippewa Falls - Eau Claire area furniture workshop located in Western Wisconsin, just an hour drive east of the Minneapolis - St Paul Minnesota Metro area.

We provide quality live edge dining and conference tables that are expertly crafted and finished

Our custom made live edge slab tables are hand crafted to endure future generations. We understand and respect wood movement and build perfectly machined glue joints on our tables and tops will provide long lasting value. These custom made slab tables incorporate the natural "live edges" of the tree but we can provide the look you are seeking in the living edge whether it is nearly straight or more organic in shape. We use only premium kiln dried hardwood lumber; our domestic live edge slabs are taken from large urban rescued trees and then carefully kiln dried providing unsurpassed quality and enduring value. All solid wood tops are equally finished, top and bottom in our durable, no water ring, easy care finishes.